my pop-punk/indie/whatever band, sunday night anxiety is finally releasing an EP on may 6

It's kind of our swan song(s) as a band too, because we're amicably calling it quits, and i don't think we'll ever re-form in any way later down the line.

we're calling the EP safekeeping, and this is basically the first time i'm ever putting anything out there as a "completed" not-demo sort of thing. it's been a long time coming too, since i wrote most of the music for this ep around 2019, and have just been sitting on these songs since. The line "and i'm bound to the screen as if i've been starved from all human connection" was written pre-covid, for instance.

some of the lyrical themes on safekeeping, include

i have some mixed feelings about how this EP has turned out in its final stages, and i'm really nervous about unleashing it into the world where it'll no longer belong to just our band (even though more than likely no one is really going to listen to it beyond maybe a few close friends close to release). but overall these songs and lyrics are really important to me and i think just the fact that i'm putting it out there is enough for me.

anyway. Here's the tracklist:

  1. warmth
  2. circumstance, no pomp
  3. nothing we could do
  4. the house you grew up in
  5. vacant

i always thought revealing the tracklist ahead of the release was and is always kinda pointless aside from telling how many tracks there are total, because what do these titles even mean without any context? but i digress

and i might make individual posts about each track later.

posted april 27 2022
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