i think it's interesting how often Windwaker (and Twilight Princess) ports are requested on switch forums,

namely r/nintendoswitch.

i understand that the switch brought a lot of lapsed nintendo fans in, but what i see is basically

Nintendo: hey we made Windwaker for Gamecube

consumers: nahh

N: We made Wii, and Windwaker still works on it.

c: yes, wii. indifferent pass on windwaker.

N: We made Windwaker again on Wii U

c: nahhh

N: We made Switch, no windwaker this time.

c: Wait. Where's windwaker??

Sorta the same thing happened with Twilight Princess, except the Wii version did really well, if i recall correctly.

so my argument sorta falters on that one. i dunno. i'm tired.

"i dunno" is akshually a reference to Zelda Majora's Mask

posted june 27 2022
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