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these are not the days of our lives by yr poetry has been on repeat for me all day. i probably should have fallen in love with this song alot earlier, given that yr poetry is basically raw-er johnny foreigner minus bass player Kelly and guitar player Lewes. Admittedly, i haven't yet really given this project the attention that you'd expect from a self-proclaimed jofo stan, but better late than never i suppose. To actually speak on the song, i love the prechoruses with this slidey guitar effect. The verses are remarkably simple for an Alexei guitar part. I mean, they're literally just one power chord -- sparse in the first verse and with a bit of a drummey rhythm in the second and third. Then the choruses hit and --johnny foreigner have championed the 3+3+2 bar breakdown (in songs like criminals or if i'm the most famous boy you've fucked..., for instance) and always made it sound fresh and exciting -- here in these are not the days... yr poetry tap into the 3+3+2 rhythm again but they drop the guitar on each even numbered one to give the hook forward momentum, and i think that's a pretty neat spin on that formula.
Rating: "i wish i knew the lyrics so i can belt along to this in my car" / 10

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