Happy New Year, and all that!

i've never really been one to do resolutions but i actually kinda have one this year:

for once in my life, be frugal.

at this point, i'm basically resolving to eat inexpensively, and in terms of books and games i'm sticking to my backlogs.

i'm about to list my backlogs for both books and games. Stuff i technically have access to immediately and at no added cost. This is mostly for my own benefit, to keep track of both lists for myself.

Book backlog

plus, some books i wouldn't mind rereading:

Game backlog

clearly, i play games much more than i read books. it is what it is.

this goes entirely against being frugal, but i've allowed myself to buy one book if i clear my book backlog, and three games if they should drop this year*:

if i clear my book backlog, i'll get a long way down by nick hornby, which i checked out from a library and enjoyed the start of before i had to return it.

if these games drop this year, i'll get them:

i put an asterisk earlier, because (and this will most definitely ruin my frugality plan) i'm only being frugal with an iron fist with myself. i'm not here to be opressively frugal with my wife and kids. so uhhhh.. i'm sure my wife is going to want Pokemon Legends Arceus and Kirby Forgotten Land at least. i've heard most new years resolutions ultimately fail, usually by february. We'll see how this goes.


i got tunic and legends Arceus for my birthday (i thank my homies; they're the realest) so now they're here

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last updated april 12 2022. posted january 2 2022