if you're somehow finding this page because you're an avid bubblegrunge fan, im sorry to disappoint but i learned about this earlier this morning.

so everyone's spotify wrapped came out this year and even though i didn't get it on mine, a genre name showed up in alot of people's top 5 genres lists. that name was bubblegrunge and i was immediately intrigued

looking at some of the tweets and fallout, it seems no one is really convinced this is a real genre, and i'm kinda inclined to agree. but curiousity got the better of me so i looked into it anyway. namely, at a playlist generated by spotify itself (who is the main one purporting that this is a real genre).

just looking at that list, there are some real bangers in there. a handful of songs that already exist in my regular rotation playlist, and a few artists whose other songs are in said rotation playlist too. some of my favorites that both spotify's and my playlists share include

i had been listening to some of these songs for a few years and never heard of any term resembling 'bubblegrunge'. (this could just be because i don't really know anyone irl that likes this type of music. maybe more on that later.)

while i really want to check out the rest of this playlist in search of more bangers, i'm hesitant to use the so-called 'bubblegrunge' label. it almost feels like a pejorative descriptor. like these songs are too feminine to just be grunge or rock or whatever. Or maybe after a few years i can embrace it, kinda like twee.

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last updated december 2 2021