so this wasn't a very frugal move for 2022 me,

but i managed to get a pair of nosebleed tickets for my wife and i to go see Kendrick Lamar in July.

i'm pretty excited about this to say the least. for one, i really loved Mr Morale & the Big Steppers,

and for two, i've never seen Kendrick live so it's exciting for that reason too.

one thing i like to do before concerts in general is try to "predict" the setlist

(without leaning on, i mean)

and this one will be interesting because in addition to never having seen him live (no history to go off of), i've never actually looked at a page for Kendrick either. So this is sorta my attempt at predicting what i'll hear at this concert, more or less blind:

*i know he did these at the most recent super-bowl, and that's why i think they'll be here. For sure, i'm not rapping along to mAAd city out loud though.

**and family ties is a Baby Keem song but.
it sorta heavily features Kendrick on it. but it's also one of Keem's biggest songs from his last album, and Keem is opening for Kendrick so. i can't imagine they would just not do this song. But at the same time, the way concerts go, you don't exactly bring out the main event during the opener. i have no idea how they'll do it, but i really think they will do this song, and if so probably during the main set.

and that's mostly it. Note that i'm a fake-ass fan who hasn't listened to Section .80 or anything older extensively. (i plan to! but i haven't been able to pull myself away from Mr Morale just yet). Either way, i don't really think he'll do anything from those, but i could be totally wrong.

last updated may 22 2022
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