one fairly niche music genre i've been really into these days

is one i've been referring to as pringlecore. (not sure if it has an actual name)

here's a spotify playlist i made of it

NOTE: Beware the song Sparkomatic Miami. It's super loud in the very beginning. Please protect your ears.

basically what it is, is cutesy upbeat synth songs (think casiotone for the painfully alone, also included in that playlist) but instead of having sung lyrics, it's unrhythmic spoken word rambled on top of the instumentals. Carte Postale by George Pringle is basically the example of this.

upon discovering this genre, i actually didn't think this one would be as niche as i think it is now, but the reason i say it is, is because

- george pringle only has like 150 monthly spotify listeners, which is barely out of no-name local band territory.

- whenever i ask people if they know of any other artists doing this music, no one ever gets it just right. i always get recommended spoken word, but with ambient atmospheric synths as opposed to.... fun synths.

- spotify is doing a terrible job giving me similar artists (which i suspect is based off of what an artists' regular listeners have in common)

like all good music things in my life lately

i found this genre though none other than good ol johnny foreigner.

i think the pipeline that made this happen is pretty interesting (to me, anyway):

since then, i've tried to find more than (basically) just these two artists doing this kind of music but i haven't found anything and at this rate, i don't think i will.

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last updated january 5 2022