tl;dr: The new Paramore song C'est Comme Ça is pretty good, guys.

Over the past few,

i've gotten into some pretty niche stuff music-wise. Not necessarily weird (by my standards), but nonetheless pretty niche.

In a broad stroke, i could say i've been really into indie rock, but here "really" is a measure of intensity but not breadth. To be a bit clearer, i don't love or even like a whole lot of the indie rock i try out, but the songs or artists i do love, i love quite deeply.

i had posted about this before, but i had gotten into speak-singing indie songs pretty heavily in 2021. This absolutely includes the Pringlecore but also includes the likes of Scratchcard Lanyard by Dry Cleaning and I do this all the Time by Self Esteem, both of which i've said a few words about.

one niche i hadn't ranted about on here enough yet was dance punk though. i had mentioned it briefly on the recommendations page under twelve by ¡forward russia! but now i'm a bit more into that sound than i was when i originally made that blurb. i'm still kind of a noob scrub when it comes to dance punk though, and would certainly like to hear more of the genre.

So imagine my surprise when

the first song Paramore drops in.. *checks notes* five years(??) was a delightfully indie hybrid of the speak-singing and a semi-light dance punk.

i'm not a huge Paramore stan; i like a few of their songs here and there,
but holy shit, it's like they wrote this to pander to me specifically.
and i'm not mad, i'm digging this shit.

it's just so damn fun to listen to.
but crucially, it's approachable.

Paramore's a big name, and as more millenials become parents, i'd dare to say it's a household name. Like even my Mom has probably at least heard Ain't It Fun. probably.
my point is that this could be some kid's gateway to some of that really cool shit i was rambling about up there. This could be that gateway for a whole lot of kids.

i'm really excited about it.

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last updated january 13 2023